Our Mission

“PeaceBehindBars.com  is dedicated to enriching the lives that are touched through are services. In one way or another we are all prisoners. In reaching outside of your world, we are able to see the birds-eye beauty of life, encourage and be encouraged, share unique experiences, and build friendships’’

What We Stand For

Our reason for existence is to help individuals connect with others through the vanishing art and power of letters sent through the mail. In the day and age that we live in, technology has removed the personal touch of writing that is unique to each human being. Between texting tweeting and emails, our society has become automated using predictable “emojis” which lack creativity and true personality. Gone are the days where a letter was something you kept; treasuring not only for sentiments, thoughts, and ideas expressed, but also the personable delivery. Vanishing are the days when receiving mail was about connecting with someone, now, receiving bills… UNTIL NOW.


You will find a broad range of pen pals on PeaceBehindBars.com. As you peruse through our subscribers’ profiles, photos, and contact information you will notice that our pen pals are diversity, location, plus a whole lot more. Members come the free-world, as well as incarcerated.



Peace Behind Bars has partnered with Spirit4Christ, connecting volunteer Christians’ with inmates whom have a hunger for Christ. Volunteers will write, support, and provide faith to those in dire need.

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