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SHORT “Testimony” By Demitria Mason

SHORT “TESTIMONY” BY Demitria Mason  Well before I became incarcerated I was making many moves in the drug business. I was a very series person, never smiled or joked unless it was with my miracle baby boy. If you owed me you must pay if you…

Testimony From: Megan E Smith

TESTIMONY FROM: MEGAN E SMITH My name is Megan Elizabeth Smith I’m 24 years old and have done 6 ½ years incarcerated for agg assault with a deadly weapon. Resulting in bodily injury 4 ½ years on the charge above…

My Small Testimony By: Jessica Fletcher

MY SMALL TESTIMONY BY: JESSICA FLETCHER I was born and raised in the streets. From as far as I can remember my life was so dark: black; cold: and empty. I was full of so much anger and hatred. My…

Sean “Twig” Follett

Testimony of Sean “Twig” Follett   I’m not sure exactly how to write a testimony. I’m not religious nor do I read the bible. It always seemed that a testimony was a religious thing. But now that I ponder on…

All About Me: By Tremayne Francis

Born in poverty, and raised in the mean streets of [ New Orleans’s] notorious 9th ward. I was not content in having everything I needed, I just was stuck on getting what I wanted! By any means necessary. Drive- by shootings, death by street violence ( as I myself have suffered from as I lost both my younger brother. Gerald and my uncle “Bunny” to street violence), etc. Are the societal norm within the 9th ward; and as we, all of us are the sum total of our life experiences was pivotal in creating selfishness and emotional callousness in my young mind! So much so, it was all about me! Everyone else be damned if i wanted it, I got it, Regardless off who I hurt. Whom I caused pain, none of it mattered! It was all about me! My family, as loving as they were, and as often as they tried to nurture me with the right thinking morals, and values, were no deterrent. It was ll about me! Period! And my young mind was okay with that, and I believed my future was destined to be grand one! Cause, it was all about me!

Denise Lawyer

It’s a great opportunity to share my testimony with you and others! Well, as you know my name is Denise Lawyer with three beautiful kids. ..two girls and one son, which they were all babies and now is grown. It’s been 10 ½ years I been locked up and it’s been a learning experience… I started off with no bond sitting in the county jail for second degree murder, I didn’t realize how serious things were until I got to prison. Wait let me slow down a a little and start from the beginning it was a Sunday night and football was on T.V. me and my ex home girl suppose to just went over to my co-defendant to pick up a couple dollars, but instead of my ex homegirl wanted my co-defendant to come with us and went to a strip club in Pompano that wasn’t the plans.

Change By: Michael A Black

“People always say ” change is difficult.” Many give up on trying to make needed changes in their lives even when they are clearly on a road of self- destruction. However, my father used to say “In order for a person to begin walking down the road called change, a person must experience a life a life changing event. “Basically, a event that causes a person to see their lives for what they are: Broken.”

For me, change didn’t come for a long time. For one, there were too many people around me who, for one reason or another, would not tell me “like it is.” I was the “perfect one” and yet, out of four children, i was flawed greatly. Why?