I was born and raised in the streets. From as far as I can remember my life was so dark: black; cold: and empty. I was full of so much anger and hatred. My temper was so fierce that I could not even trust myself. Even as a little girl I would black out and hurt people and not even remember.

As I got older “15 years old” I started parting and I just got worse. My life was completely out of control and so was my anger. I was always in and out of jail for fighting, stabbing, or drugs. I finally go the charge that I’m here for now which is attempted murder 1st degree. I got sentenced to 10 years only by the grace of God. It was at my breaking point that I had nothing left, not even anger. I was completely exhausted and so tired of myself; and my life that I cried out to God and ask Him help me never be the same again, to soften my heart; give me a purpose and strength to carry on and to always do better from that day on. Well, He sure did just ahta nd so much more. When I came to prison I could not read or write. I couldn’t even add long numbers nor subtract. I had a 1st grade education. I got my G.E.D and A.A. degree with in 2 ½ years.

I was 200 pounds, I lost 60 and now I’m  a fitness instructor, and a very hard worker. I have a big loving heart and I haven’t been in any trouble since I’ve been locked up 6 ½ years. All this only because of God Almighty poured out His grace and mercy on me abundantly. All glory, honor, and praise to Him alone, becaue I can do nothing apart from Him. If He will do it for me. He will do it for anyone!!! God Bless You!